Friday, March 30, 2007

Book Review: No Shame, No Fear By: Ann Turnbull

Its the year 1662 in England, in the times where Quakers are being charged with illegal gatherings. A Quaker girl named Susanna is sent from her home to work in a town after her father is sent to jail. There she meets Will who has just finished 3 years at Oxford. Will is a Christian who after a Quaker encounter, a few years back is curious and drawn to the Quaker faith, to the irritation of his father.

As Susanna and Will's romance begins to bloom in a time where Quakers are being prosecuted and with so many complications in their lives, what will happen to them?
Ann Turnbull's No Shame, No Fear, is a book which while being historical, could also be related to in our modern day society. Ann Turnbull uses her talented writing skills to make this book historically believable.

Although not one of my favorite books, as Will seemed to change much faster than is realistic, I'd give it an overall "okay" read. If you enjoy a historical fiction book with some romance, No Shame, No Fear is the book for you.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Twilight By Stephanie Meyer

Isabella, "Bella" Swan has just moved from Phoenix to her father in Forks, Washington. Everything there seems to be dreary compared to her old life if Phoenix. Especially her high school. Until she meets Edward Cullen. Not only is he completely gorgeous but he is also a vampire. Dangerous though it is, Bella finds herself almost instantly in love with him. And Edward in love with her. Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer is the story of Bella and how her life changes after she meets Edward.

This book is spectacular. Stephanie Meyer is an amazing writer who portrays all the complications Bella encounters while being in love with a vampire in the modern world beautifully. Her descriptions are fantastic. Although I'm not particularly a vampire novel fan, I loved this book. If you are looking for a superb read Twilight is the book for you.
I have so much to say about this book! Twilight is my favorite book EVER
There is no specific genre to this book but some are: teen, romance, vampires

This book majorly reminds me of the 1st season of the old TV show ROSWELL.
Where Max and Liz are in love with eachother except Max is an alien...and he potentially puts Liz in danger? Well I found the book Twilight and the Tv show ROSWELL really similar. And they are both amazing. After all... "whats so great about normal?"

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Laguna Cove- Alyson Noel book review.

For all those Laguna Beach lovers out there, people who love books like the A-List series by Zoey Dean, this is a book for you.

Following her parents divorce, Anne moves into her fathers home across the country in the private neighborhood of Laguna Cove, California. Its quite the opposite of her life in Connecticut. They are all about the surfing...the guys, the girls, the parents. Although it takes time Anne makes friends with everyone...well almost everyone...except beautiful and popular Ellie. Why is it that Ellie hates Anne so much?

I'm not saying anymore about the plot.Its a cute, easy read. Like I said before, if you are into Laguna Beach and books like the A-List novels you won't be dissapointed with Alyson Noel's Laguna Cove. If you don't like that sort of thing...its a waste to read.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Thoughts on Rebel Angels by Libba Bray

My review of Rebel Angels by Libba Bray:

Gemma Doyle is a little more interesting than your average 17 year old girl living in 19th century England. She possesses powers to open the realms, a magical place between life and death, a dreamland. Rebel Angels, by Libba Bray is a great book containing both aspects of fantasy and of life in the 16th century. Although it is the sequel to A Great and Terrible Beauty, it’s easy to read without its predecessor; however I recommend the first novel first.
At the end of A Great and Terrible Beauty, we leave off with Gemma and her friends leaving the realms after a narrow escape, releasing the magic and an unfortunate casualty. So what is next?

Rebel Angels plot begins as Christmas break is approaching. There is a new teacher at Spence and Gemma doesn’t like her all that much. Luckily, Gemma is heading off to England to spend the holidays with her grandmother and family. Her mysterious guardian, Kartik, follows her there to keep an eye on her. Ann and Felicity go to Felicity’s home in London, spending their time going to parties and teas. When all three of the girls are able to meet, they divide their time between visiting their former teacher Ms. Moore, and visiting Pippa in the realms. But, because Gemma smashed the ruins the magic is free for all to use and so there is trouble in the realms. Can she rebind the magic in time?

In this book Gemma deals with living as a 17 year old girl in the 19th century, dinners, operas, and a male suitor, as well as being the one who can change everything in another “world”. I loved this book because although there is a lot of foreshadowing, the sense of mystery is really thrilling. The ending is quite unexpected. Libba Bray keeps you captivated with her writing and waiting for the next book in the series.