Friday, March 30, 2007

Book Review: No Shame, No Fear By: Ann Turnbull

Its the year 1662 in England, in the times where Quakers are being charged with illegal gatherings. A Quaker girl named Susanna is sent from her home to work in a town after her father is sent to jail. There she meets Will who has just finished 3 years at Oxford. Will is a Christian who after a Quaker encounter, a few years back is curious and drawn to the Quaker faith, to the irritation of his father.

As Susanna and Will's romance begins to bloom in a time where Quakers are being prosecuted and with so many complications in their lives, what will happen to them?
Ann Turnbull's No Shame, No Fear, is a book which while being historical, could also be related to in our modern day society. Ann Turnbull uses her talented writing skills to make this book historically believable.

Although not one of my favorite books, as Will seemed to change much faster than is realistic, I'd give it an overall "okay" read. If you enjoy a historical fiction book with some romance, No Shame, No Fear is the book for you.


Ink Mage said...

I enjoyed this book, also. It's one of the few romances that I've enjoyed because it's so REAL. A sequel just came out recently, Forged in the Fire, but it wasn't *quite* as good.