Sunday, February 17, 2008

Book Review: The Salem Witch Tryouts By Kelly McClymer

Rating: 2 stars -- unless you are 8-12 years and then I'd give it 4 stars
Genre: Fiction, YA Fiction

Most people with happy lives don't want to uproot themselves and move to another place. Well this is no exception for Prudence Stewart. Head cheerleader to-be, with a cute crush, good grades and a great BFF, this is one girl who does not want to leave her life. Except, Pru is a witch, and so is her mom and brother and the time has come for her to get witch training. So where to go but across the country to Salem, Massachusetts?

Not only does Prudence leave her life behind, she has to create a new one, with other witches. Plus to top it all off she just HAS to make the cheerleading squad!

Megan McClymer's: The Salem Witch Tryouts is a cute and funny story about a girl trying to fit in, after a big move. Although I found it relatively predictable, and not so original, I would recommend it for a girl ages 8-12. If you aren't, there are plenty of other better books out there in the world.