Sunday, May 18, 2008

Zig Zag by Ellen Wittlinger

Rating: 4.5

Genre: General teen fiction, road trips

Robin has her summer all planned out. Its her last summer with her boyfriend, Chris, before he goes off to college so they are going to hang around together. But then Chris's parents buy him a trip to Rome for the summer and Robin is angry. Really angry, since it is her last summer with him. Then Robin's Aunt Dory calls and asks her to come on a roadtrip across the Western United States with her and her two kids, Marshall and Iris. Reluctantly as Robin thinks that her cousins are snobs, Robin agrees. Robin's aunt and cousins just lost their father/husband and are going through a tough time. As the trip progresses Robin learns to deal with her family and she learns a few things about herself too.

Well, Zig Zag was a hard book to summarize. So much happens, yet in so little time, as the book only takes the time span of a few weeks. It was a hard book to put down once I started it. I think I might be a little biast, because I love books that are about roadtrips and this one was most definitely about a roadtrip. I think books about road trips are kind of refreshing and inspiring, because the characters always learn so much about themselves and they always leave you a satisfying ending.

This book was no exception. Although at the beginning, I found Robin to be a real winer and annoying because she kept moping about her boyfriend, within a few pages my mind was changed. Robin really changes throughout the story. Ellen Wittlinger's writing really etches the characters into your heart and you really start to care about them. Plus I absolutely adore the title of this book Zig Zag. I mean really, how cool!!

This book was a really great, and easy read. I really enjoyed Ellen Wittlinger's style of writing and if I have the chance I will pick up another one of her books. I recommend you put it on your summer reading list! Roadtrip stories are great. Anyone else agree?


BooksandLove said...

roadtrip stories are great...taking the actual roadtrip is even better. I'll definitely check this book out.

gurlwholuvsreading302 said...

I want to read this book! It sounds great