Sunday, April 13, 2008

Never Let Me Go By: Kazuo Ishiguro-- Book Review

Rating 4 stars

Genre: Fiction, Cloning

Never Let Me Go is a story about Kathy's expierences in her young adult life. She grew up in a private boarding school, Hailsham , where from a young age the students are told what they will be doing in the future. From the day they are brought into the world their life has been planned. At Hailsham Kathy makes friends, and deals with the cliques and problems of day to day life. She makes two close friends, Ruth and Tommy. The teachers at Hailsham are slightly odd, as it is not a normal school.

After they have graduated Hailsham they move to another place to prepare for their fate. Eventually Kathy, Tommy and Ruth go their seperate ways in life. Yet eventually they reconnect although they are at different stages of life and it is different from when they were children. Kathy tells of the many memories she had growing up, and what it is like for her to reconnect with her childhood friends.

My short summary could not possibly describe this book fairly. Never Let Me Go was an interesting book which brought up many issues such as free will. It was hard for me to read because parts were extremely sad. This book brings out a lot of feelings and emotion. Kazuo Ishiguro writes beautifully and has woven himself an amazing story.

(This book is more adult than ya fiction but it is a worthy read)


Carol said...

Wow the book sounds good. I'll check it out. Can you check out my blog?